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Why Soundtrack?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

My first solo exhibition, entitled Soundtrack: Art and Movement, is about to be hung! It's pretty exciting to know my art is going to be seen by every member of the Margaret River community that visits our local library over a whole two month period.

My home looks pretty bare though, as as result. A lot of the pieces I had hanging around the house are now labelled, catalogued and safely packed in bubble wrap, ready to be taken to the Cocoon Gallery.

In fact, the house seems a whole lot quieter in the absence of my paintings. They don't just adorn the white washed walls, they've become my daily companions... the music... the soundtrack... to my painting!

When I paint, I always have some kind of music playing in the background. It might be Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong or Michael Buble', although I have an equal affinity for Annie Lennox and, yes, I am an 80s girl after all... Madonna! I listen to a lot of classical music too, particularly when I'm painting the elegant movements of a classical ballerina.

Each one of my paintings aims to capture a sense of its subject in action; to convey the atmosphere, the attitude, the emotion and passion, the pain or the joy the subject feels as they perform and move.

The painted page is silent, but the music it creates within the viewer when they connect with one of my subjects makes my heart sing!

I like to think that each of my paintings has its own "soundtrack" which is unique and personal to me yet uniquely interpretable to each and every viewer.

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