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Journeys Home: stories from afar

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Whether reminiscing distant, romanticised lands and cityscapes, recalling childhood memories or creating quirky scenes from fantastical dreams, Journeys Home, my new collection of watercolours, is inspired by everyday happenings, particularly in my Italian homeland.

Vespa bikes double parked along cobbled streets, Nonne gossiping at the markets, their trolleys full of fresh produce, Nonni enjoying spritz at the bar or a gelato in the town square…. I love immortalising these seemingly ordinary, everyday images.

When people find themselves in front of my paintings, I like to think that a “start film” button clicks inside of them, and that their imagination takes them to experience the emotions of that real life moment captured through pigment, there, on the paper. I like to think that everyone can depart on their own unique journey, invent their own story just by looking at what they have in front of them.

There are those who might imagine themselves arm in arm with Nonna who’s pulling her trolley carrying the shopping she’s just done at the markets and they find themselves discussing the price they just paid for peaches or commending the beauty and perfume of the tomatoes seen at the Signor Mario’s stall.

Others might imagine themselves taking photos in front of the old house of a famous painter in the centre of Rome, or who imagine themselves seated at the bar enjoying a breakfast of custard filled brioche and cappuccino.

Because this is the beauty of Italian life – the many different stories that hide within the simplicity of day-to-day life.

If you're in the Margaret River region, pop into Voyager Estate winery and have a look (and a tasting of their lovely wines)! My new collection will be the feature there between 1 April and 29 May. Call me on 0478 622699 or book online for a complimentary private viewing and let me guide you through my paintings and techniques.

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