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Shion Art is... Silvia Busetto

Born and raised at the foot of Alps in northern Italy, Silvia has always had a passion for the Arts.  Her youth was spent reading, drawing, taking photographs and working with a generous group of volunteers to establish and operate the community cinema.

The combination of these passions led Silvia to open a comic shop, which she ran until moving to Australia in 2013.  Her arrival in Margaret River allowed her to pursue a burgeoning interest in painting.

Whilst mainly painting in watercolour or oil, Silvia extends across various media and formats.  Her artistic style is in constant evolution as she explores new ideas, subject matter and techniques.

Currently, Silvia's body of work focuses on the magic in everyday life; zooming Vespa riders, Nonna shopping, a spritz at the bar and all manner of playful folk.  She creates paintings that allow viewers to depart on their own unique journey; invent their own story around the real life moments she captures through pigments on paper.

Silvia signs her paintings as Shion, a throwback to her days reading and selling manga, comics and graphic novels in the cobbled street town of Pieve di Soligo.

Silvia Busetto
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